Referral Program

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At50 Premier Property Pros, Inc. we understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with the best and for that reason we’ve developed a referral program to make sure the resources we align ourselves with are second to none.

If you refer us a resource that we decide to do business with WE WILL PAY YOU the referral bonus listed below the SECOND, THIRD AND FORTH time we work with that individual. Yes, three pay days for one referral!

Why not the first time? The first time we work with a resource we’re looking to verify the recommendation to ensure they’re able to provide the level of quality we expect. If we opt to use that resource more than once then they’ve met that expectation and YOU GET PAID!

$500 Private Money Lender
$500 Contractor
$250 Real Estate Agent
$250 Loan Officer/Mortgage Banker/Mortgage Broker
$250 Escrow Agent/Title Officer
$250 Other

We also pay flat rate referral fees for any seller/buyer lead resulting in a closed deal!

This referral program is designed to award unlicensed individuals for providing us with the quality resources we need to operate successfully. We’re looking for referrals to individuals – not just companies themselves. Note that any referrals we make using the resources provided do not constitute a business transaction. The referral bonus will be paid in the event we personally utilize the services of the resource in which Premier Property Pros pays them for services rendered.

We’re always looking to expand our network with like-mined professionals.  If you’re a licensed professional, we would absolutely love to setup a time to speak with you so that we’re able to understand how our company may better assist in your needs. We absolutely encourage sharing resources and referral business.

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