A Quick Guide on Choosing Fixtures for Your New Bathroom Construction


You have probably given little thought before about bathroom fixtures, unless you have already done a home remodel. You’ve probably only thought your bathroom sink was useful and necessary to have, but you’ve never considered that it could be a focal point for your entire bathroom design. There are many decisions to be made when upgrading your bathroom, but we definitely recommend deciding on which faucet you want before moving on to anything else. Once the faucet is in place, that will help determine where your plumbing pipes will be installed. To better help you decide on the right fixtures are right for you, we have a little criteria you should abide by.

Keep within your budget

Deciding your limit on spending before making your trip to the home improvement store will help keep you focused on a price point, keeping you and your wallet happy. Since fixtures play a vital role of your bathroom structure, you may want to decide on a firm spending limit, and a soft spending limit — meaning, the amount that you dedicate to fixtures, and another amount you will certainly not exceed, with no other factors going into your decision.

Decide whats most important

With hundreds of design samples you could potentially come across, it is important to decide what factors are most important. Is a low-flow, environmentally friendly faucet something you desire? If a family member has issues with their mobility, you would likely decide on a faucet that’s motion activated instead of adjusting the handle. How important do you consider the style? Do you want something trendy, or are you willing to sacrifice luxury for a more affordable approach?

Coordinate Bathroom Colors

There are many different design styles with varying degrees of color. You might decide on antique, bronze or polished brass, copper, iron, or gold, chrome in a brushed or matte finish, brushed or pearl nickel, stainless steel, or stick with the industry standard by choosing polished chrome. You’ll want to decide on a finish that coordinates with your color matches other hardware such as your towel racks. Polished surfaces are can beautiful and they shine bright, but they will show every fingerprint and smudge. Brushed metals are a much better choice for those of you who live a more causal lifestyle or have children.

Keep Your Style in Mind

If you were to give us an overall style of your home in three words, what would you say? You might say your home is cozy, inviting, traditional, elegant, formal, trendy, extravagant, appealing, retro, or antique. Try to stay away from a modern design like a lustrous waterfall design fixture if the theme of your home’s decorating has a laid back, retro look. This may seem like a no brainer, but you may be surprised to see how easy it is to wander off your original home design when your not at home and surrounded by different structurally appealing home designs.

For many of you who have never redesigned a bathroom, fixtures have probably not been on your mind when it comes to your bathroom setting, but they are really foundational to both the appearance and function of the room. Selecting the right set for you is a question of style, budget, and personal preference.