How to Add Value to Your Home Before Listing


HouseBefore putting your home on the market, consider upgrading your decor and add breathtaking finishing touches to better attract buyers. 

Before listing your home, you will need to do what you can to make it more inviting. Besides making sure your home looks clean and clear of clutter, you should consider adding cosmetic improvements.

There are many different options for you in deciding how to improve your homes value that really won’t break the bank and may only require little effort. Studies show that something as simple as the right paint colors for the appropriate rooms can add tremendous value to a home. Other items such as an updated kitchen with granite countertops and modern appliances can certainly attract a buyers eye. Here are some ways that we can help you decide on what would looks best for your home.

Think natural and inviting

Buyers today are looking for styles that have a natural appeal that blend well with surrounding rooms. A design that contains subtle elegance with a welcoming approach is very attractive to potential buyers. There are many different shades of light blue that appeal really well in the kitchen, being that it accents many different styles of counter tops and tile backdrops.

Other projects you could focus on without going into a full remodel could include hanging artwork, upgrading hardware, provide a face lift to your fireplace, or swapping out your front door with something more edgy are all great ideas to show your home is well taken care of.

Don’t be afraid to take the leap

Thinking of adding any certain finishing touches to your home but find yourself weary that it might not be the right fit? When it comes to something like paint color, try it out. Apply a small amount of paint on the wall which will likely give you the certainty you need. As for the bigger projects, seek a professionals opinion first.

After you have added some unique design features to your home, we recommend seeking a professional staging company to really make your home stand out. Staging your home helps give the buyer an idea of how beautiful each room can be designed. Even just by adding flowers on a new coffee table or elegant throw pillows on a designer leather couch can severely increase the buyers desire to purchase the home.

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